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Cancellation, Deposit & Booking Policies

We work very hard a Spur of the Moment Ranch to accommodate the inevitable monkey wrenches of life, but as we grow we need to establish policies that are standard and equitable for everyone. As a general rule, cancellations need to be phoned or emailed in at least 14 days prior to your stay. You need to get a return phone call or email from the ranch for your cancellation to be valid. We do check phone messages and email messages everyday. You will be charged for one night for each 6 days of reservation if you do not cancel within the cancellation policy. If you choose to just no show the reservation; any further reservations will need to be paid in full; non refundable under any circumstances.

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Horse Boarding
$7.00 per night
If you would like to reserve a stall please check the box. If you need multiple stalls let us know in the Comments/Request box below. A current Negative Coggins is required prior to unloading and stalling your horse.
$7.00 per night/per dog
If you would like to bring your dog please check the box. If you are bringing multiple dogs let us know in the Comments/Request box below. Proof of Rabies vacination and current municipal license is required for your dog's visit.
Massage Center
The Massage Center for a 1 hour Theraputic Massage. Please let us know what day and time or we will follow up to schedule...
Carriage Ride
Enjoy an hour to hour and one-half ride with up to 7 friends with Thorn our Perchron and Skip...
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