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Cancellation, Deposit & Booking Policies

Cancellations, More than 14 Days in Advance: We understand that sometimes your plans change. If you need to cancel a reservation and it is canceled at least 14 days in advance (not including your scheduled day of arrival), there is no charge.

Cancellations, Less than 14 Days in Advance: If your cancellation is made with less than 14 days notice and we are unable to rebook your room, you will be responsible for whatever portion of the reservation could not be rebooked. The 14 day cancellation policy applies to guests arriving later than their scheduled arrival date, as well as, guests that depart prior to their scheduled departure date.

Cancellations, Gift Certificate: We gladly issue a gift certificate for the amount billed to your credit card for cancelled reservations that could not be rebooked. The gift certificates are completely transferable and they do not expire.

No deposit is charged. However, a valid Visa or MasterCard is required to make a confirmed reservation. Charges will only be billed to the account in the event of a cancellation or no-show. Payment for the entire stay is made at checkout.

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Check-in Time: 4 PM-6 PM
Check-out Time: 11 AM
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15 per pet, per night.
We can accommodate pets in 4 of our 8 guest rooms (Sun Room; Casita; Uno Garden Room & Dos Garden Room). Please see our Pets Policy page for details and restrictions.

If you are interested in bringing your pet please check the box above. Insert the number and type of pets you plan on bringing in the Comments box below.
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We gladly attempt to accommodate any special dietary needs when we are notified in advance. Please let us know of any of these needs in the box below.
Would you like to order a birthday, anniversary, romance or relaxation package? If so, please indicate which package you would like. In-room massage services will be scheduled per your request. All other packages are provided on your date of arrival (unless otherwise requested) and will be in-room, upon check-in.
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For your security, we do not accept credit card information by email, instant messaging or chat. We can only accept the needed credit card information by a secure means, which would be via our secure reservation request form that you are now completing or by phone. You can not make a confirmed reservation without a valid Visa or MasterCard being on file.
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