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Base rate is for dbl occupancy (two people/one bed). Rate shown after making selections includes additional people, if applicable.

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Second Bedroom (when there are only two people)
Cleaning charge for using second bed when there are only two people. (Base rate is for dbl occupancy-two people/one bed.) Don't check this if you have already added additional people; this is only for two people needing two beds instead of one.

One dog for 2-3 nights @ Sky Beach Cabin
Up to two clean quiet mature dogs allowed at Sky Beach Cabin. Pets are not allowed at Whispering Waters.

One dog for 4-7 nights @ Sky Beach Cabin
Bring your dog to Sky Beach Cabin. Up to two clean quiet mature dogs allowed. Pets are not allowed at Whispering Waters.

Two Dogs for 2-3 nights @ Sky Beach Cabin
Bring your dogs to Sky Beach Cabin. Up to two clean quiet mature dogs allowed. Pets are not allowed at Whispering Waters.

Two dogs for 4-7 nights @ Sky Beach Cabin
Bring your dogs to Sky Beach Cabin. Up to two clean quiet mature dogs allowed. Pets are not allowed at Whispering Waters.


Minimum Age: Anyone under 21 must be accompanied by their parent. Exceptions are made on an individual basis.

Change in Number of Guests/Conduct of Guests: Please inform us of any change in the number of guests before your arrival -no refund is given for changes after your arrival. The cabin is not for parties, nor gatherings at any time of anyone except for those who have paid to stay there. Unauthorized people at the cabin at any time will result in a $50/person/day charge. If there is excessive noise, illegal activity, or evidence of violation of these policies you may be asked to vacate the premise without refund.

Arrival/Departure Time:
Whispering Waters arrival 3pm or later - departure by 11am
Sky Beach Cabin arrival 4pm or later - departure by 12 noon
Please do not arrive early or depart late unless previously arranged

Smoking/Odors and Other Allergens: Smoking is allowed outside if the smoke doesn’t enter the cabin and butts and ashes are discarded in the outside garbage. In order to keep the cabin pleasant for future guests, oil lamps, incense, and cologne are not permitted in the cabin. If these policies are violated, there is a minimum 5-hr excessive cleaning charge @$45/hr.

Pets: Are not allowed at any time anywhere on the property of Whispering Waters, including in vehicles. There will be a $200 charge for violations. Up to two dogs allowed at Sky Beach Cabin with an additional fee. Dogs must be flea free and quiet; under voice command or on a leash when outside. Dogs are not to be left alone in the cabin unless crated. Dogs are not allowed on furniture. All dog hair and droppings must be cleaned before departing. Any dog hair on the furniture will result in an additional cleaning charge.

Damage, Missing Items: Any damage to the cabin or its contents or missing items will be deducted from the deposit. If the damage and/or cleaning exceeds the deposit amount, it will be charged to your credit card at repair, replacement or hourly time cost. If there is such a charge, an explanation will be mailed to you within 15 days. If there is extensive damage or cleaning, the final charge may be after 15 days.

Hot Tub: Use of the hot tub is strictly at your own risk and liability. An adult must always accompany children. Observe the safety precautions posted at the tub and have other guests do likewise. Do not sit, stand, or lie on the tub cover. To keep rental rates down we ask that you replace the covers when you are not in the tub to conserve heat, for safety, and to keep debris out of the water. $20 energy surcharge if either cover is left off when the tub is not being used. Do not pull on the flaps of the hard cover-there is a charge if there are rips as this allows water to enter the foam core which eliminates its insulating value and has to be replaced. The chlorine level is checked on a daily to every-other-day basis between 8am-noon and normally takes less than a minute. If these times are inconvenient, please call. If the tub needs attention, please notify us. If the water level is low (below the top jets) add more water or call. Shower before using the hot tub. The tubs are drained and refilled about every 2 weeks. Detergents cause foaming, so please rinse swim suits and skin before using the tub. If the next guests are unable to use the tub due to unsanitary conditions or the tub has to be drained prior to schedule, there is a $45 charge. Instructions for the controls are posted at the tub or we will be happy to help you. Do not get in the river and then into the tub without showering as the sand and grit damage the pumps and the algae turns the water green. Please use the tub/foot bath next to the steps before entering the tub. There will not be any refund of the security deposit if there is sand in the hot tub as the pumps are expensive to replace.

Cleaning: To avoid a cleaning charge, leave the cabin clean by washing the dishes, clean appliances that have been used, remove garbage & recycling to outside containers, dispose of cigarette butts & ashes in outside garbage, wipe counter tops, and return moved items to original location. You have the option to leave the cleaning to us with prior arrangement; otherwise, cleaning is $45/hr with one hr minimum. The cabins are additionally cleaned 3-4 hrs before and after your stay. Basic cleaning supplies are provided. There is a minimum $45/hr charge for the following: tobacco, dog, or cologne/perfume smell in the cabin; urine on bedding.

Power Failure/Weather/Early Departure: If you are without power for more than 24 contiguous and water and heat are not being provided, a prorated credit to a future reservation will be given if you wish to leave for the days that the power is off. Emergency equipment is provided to use during an outage. We do not give refunds due to weather, road conditions, or for early departure unless we are able to rebook.

Cancellations by Mt. Index Properties: In the extremely unlikely event that we will have to make any changes to confirmed reservations, we will advise you at the earliest possible date. If this does happen, you will be given a full refund. We will not be liable for any further obligations or claims by you.

Security of the Cabin: The owners will not enter the cabin during your rental period unless requested to do so. The key code is changed with every guest for security. Always lock the doors and windows when you leave the cabin to secure the cabin and your belongings.

Risks/Safety: Children are welcome, but there are conditions in and around the cabin that may pose hazards to them, as well as to adults, such as stairs and the river. Children must be supervised at all times. Mt. Index Properties, LLC does not assume any responsibility for injury resulting from your failure to use due caution. Open flame candles are not allowed due to fire hazard, except citronella candles in metal containers outside only. Do not put any flammable materials on or near a heat source.

Fire Ring: The fire ring cannot be used when there is a burn ban, common late July-September. Fires must be attended at all times and completely extinguished before going to bed. Wood is not provided and wood cutting/gathering around the cabins is not permitted. Wood can be purchased at most grocers.

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