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Cancellation, Deposit & Booking Policies

Deposit & Cancellation - To make a reservation credit card information, including a phone and address is required. A deposit of $50.00 plus $6.00 tax [$56.00) will be charged to your card when you make a reservation. All deposits are non-refundable and, of course, will be applied to the total of your stay when you arrive.
If room is cancelled less than One week before the reservation and can not be re-booked we must charge in full. Payment in full will be accepted upon arrival. Early departures minus a cancellation fee can be refunded only if the room can be re booked. To cancel a reservation or to make changes to an existing reservation cannot be done online. You will need to contact Morning Glory Inn directly to cancel or make changes. A no show, no call is just plain rude and will be charged in FULL.

Children and Pets - Although exceptions have been made during midweek & slow periods, our normal policy for children is that we cannot accommodate children under the age of six out of respect for the guest experience of others. Regarding pets however, we do have one room which is secluded from the other rooms and we are therefore able to accommodate some pets for an additional $20.00 per night/per pet. Pet space is limited to that room and out of respect for other guests an aggressive or OVERLY noisy pet is not welcome. Limited to DOGS ONLY.

IF YOU ARRIVE WITH EXTRA PEOPLE WITHOUT PREAPPROVAL THERE WILL BE A $100.00 per nite charge per extra person plus tax.
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We welcome children over the age of 6. Children are charged the same as adults. $20.00 per nite extra.
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There will be a $20 per night per pet fee. So, if 2 pets, then $40 per nite. How many pets will you be bringing?


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