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SPECIFIC ROOM COST: Room prices vary seasonally. A personal confirmation e-mail from the inn will confirm your nightly rate. Please call us if you wish to discuss this prior to booking..

Deposit Requirement: Full payment for one night stay. 50% for multiple night stay..

CANCELLATION POLICIES: We will gladly refund your entire deposit if cancellation is received 14 days prior to your scheduled date of arrival. We NEVER charge a cancellation fee as we consider it an industry wide scam! All cancellations to be requested in writing or by e-mail. Proof of sending does not confirm proof of receipt. In the case of a multi room reservation, we reserve the right to impose a 5% administration charge against any refund. When cancellations are made within fourteen days of the scheduled arrival date we reserve the right to retain deposits paid and also to charge you for any outstanding balance due. If you do not arrive, arrive after the reserved date, or depart before the final date of a guaranteed reservation, you will be charged the full amount of your expected stay. Cancellation only acknowledged when confirmation from the Inn is sent to you notifying you of any refund amount. Cancellation period for Dartmouth graduation (June): 60 days. We reserve the right to retain the entire cost of stay if cancellation instructions are not followed.

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Check-in Time: 16.00
Check-out Time: 11.00
For arrival dates within 1 day of today's date please call (802) 457-3896.
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The inn can only accommodate TWO adults per room.
The Woodstocker is designed with the comfort and relaxation of adults in mind, so we ask you to leave your children behind when you visit, however well behaved they are.
Sept/Oct FALL period may have a 2 night minimum stay.

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Spa packages....
$70.00 upwards
We can arrange various treatments at the new 21st century spa facility located in the village. Please contact us for more details.....
Traditional English afternoon tea
If you would like to pre-order traditional afternoon tea with homemade traditional fruitcake, scones, jam and fresh cream the cost is only $12.00 per person. Please order prior to arrival.
Are you celebrating a special event?
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Check-In: 16:00 - 19:00
Check-Out: 11:00
No Pets or young children accepted.
No Smoking.
Reservations only confirmed via personal e-mail from inn and the processing of your credit card.
Clean air: We do not allow outdoor shoes in the house, in order to preserve good air quality. Feel free to bring a pair of favourite slippers or we have numerous pairs you may borrow for the duration of your stay.
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