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Link to your Availability Online calendar!

Below is a list of popular Lodging and Travel Directories that will place a link to your Availability Online calendar within your directory membership listing. Most directories will add a link to your calendar for free or a small fee.

Also consider contacting your local lodging association or chamber asking them to place a link to your calendar within your membership listing.

How do I add my availability calendar to another website?

Adding your availability display to another website can be done by giving one of these simple links to any website administrator:
Your Availability Online username is inserted in the "XXXXX" portion of the URL.

Link for your 2-week calendar display- http://www.availabilityonline.com/availtable.asp?un=XXXXX

Link for your availability search display- http://availabilityonline.com/availability_search.php?un=XXXXX

Lodging and Travel Directories

Better Bed and Breakfasts Inn Directory
Select Registry
TripAdvisor (through TripConnect Booking)

Attention Travel Directories - Contact us if you would like to be added to this list.