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Basic|    Premium Two-Week Availability Calendars
The two-week display calendars shows 2-weeks of availability at a time, but gives the guest the ability to search up to 2 years in the future.

The two-week calendar is an effective tool for your website that helps guests see your vacancy information at all times

Room rates and links to your website's room pages can be easily added to this availability display.
Basic|    Premium Search & Display Availability Display
The Search & Display availability page shows your guests only rooms available for the dates searched.

This display option has the ability to show descriptions, rates, links to your website's room pages and photos for each room.
Basic|    Premium iCal Export Feed
Export availability information from Availability Online to 3rd party websites such as AirBnB, VRBO, FlipKey, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar and more. This feature could save you time as you will only need to maintain availability in one location. Your Availability Online iCal Feed will work with sites who accept .ics/iCal formats.
Basic|    Premium Monthly Availability Calendars (Great For Mobile Sites!)
Place "mini" graphic calendars anywhere on your website that display your availability for each month.

Show 1-12 months of availability on a single page.

Monthly graphic calendars can show availability for a single room(s) or your entire property.

These calendar displays are ideal for vacation rental properties. B&B's love to use these calendars on their website's individual room pages.
Basic|    Premium TripAdvisor/Trip Connect Interface
Link your Availability Online booking engine directly to your TripAdvisor listing. This is a great way to give you direct, commission-free bookings!

TripConnect gives you the opportunity to generate new business by bringing visitors who are ready to book directly to your Availability Online Booking Engine.
Basic|    Premium Nightly Rates: Display & Calculation
Choose to display and calculate your nightly rates. Adding nightly rates to your Availability Online account gives you the ability to show your guests how much each room/night is and show a reservation total. Different nightly rates can be applied for each different room and/or date. So you can easily add seasonal, weekend and/or special holiday rates to your account.
Basic|    Premium Classic Reservation Request Forms
There are no commissions or extra fees to you or your guests when using our secure reservation request form. The fields and visual settings on the form can be customized to suit your property's needs.

Availability Online is 100% PCI Compliant so your can securely collect your guest's credit card information (if you choose).

You instantly receive an email notification (optional text message or fax notification can be activated) when a new reservation request has been submitted.

You will contact your guest with final confirmation.
Basic|    Premium Real-Time Booking Forms
There are no commissions or extra fees to you or your guests when when using our secure real time booking form. The fields and visual settings on the form can be customized to suit your property's needs.

Availability Online is 100% PCI Compliant so your can securely collect your guest's credit card information (if you choose). You will process the guest's credit card payment. Your guests will receive an auto reply confirmation which can include their final charge with fees and taxes.

You instantly receive an email notification (optional text message or fax notification can be activated) when a new reservation has been submitted.

The guest's booking can instantly be seen on your Availability Display.
Basic|    Premium Maximum Occupancy Settings
Set specific maximum occupancy settings for each unit in your account for. Guests will know exactly how many guests, adults and/or children are allowed in each unit.
Basic|    Premium Enhanced Visual Settings
Fully customize your availability display to seamlessly match your website's navigation links, logos and color schemes.

Customize your reservation form with your logo and custom colors and font settings.

If you're not an expert in web design, don't worry. We'll customize everything for you at no cost!
Basic|    Premium Additional Person Fees
Set your reservation form to calculate additional person fees. You can also choose to calculate a total for under occupancy reservations.
Basic|    Premium Enhanced Reservation Form
Our Enhanced Reservation system will show guests the maximum occupancy and room rate on the first page of the reservation form process. Ideal for property owners looking to give their guests a real-time booking experience.
Basic|    Premium Standard Visual Settings
Change your availability display's chart, background & text colors to match the look of your website.

Choose from over 50 no-vacancy graphics to show which rooms are booked on your calendar.
Basic|    Premium Flexible Minimum Night Stay Requirement Options
Display your minimum night stay requirements on your availability calendar so your guests have all the information they need to make their reservation.

Adding your min. night stay requirements to your account can prevent guests from booking a room that does not meet your requirements. Instead of preventing guests from booking, you could also choose to just Warn your guests that they have not met your requirement, or add a fee to a reservation not meeting the requirement. The choice is yours!
Basic|    Premium Easy Point & Click Calendar Updating
Availability Online is designed to accommodate small properties with our easy point & click manual update feature. Don't worry if you use paper charts. You can set your manual update section to match it so it will be easy to update right off of your chart.
Basic|    Premium Auto Updating Options
Updating your availability calendar can be made less time consuming with automatic uploads from reservation management software. With a click of a button your entire property's availability can update your availability calendar. We support auto uploads from these software vendors: Vacation RentPro, TCS Guesttracker, BnBManager, Compu-Reservations/Reservations 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0, RezStream, RezOvation Desktop, iMagic, InnKontrol, InnOvation, MunsenWare's Guest Tracker, INNTime, and others.
Basic|    Premium Free Unlimited Tech Support & Account Set-Up
Free, unlimited e-mail and phone support from our friendly & helpful technical support staff. When you sign up for Availability Online we will set up and customize your account at no extra charge.
Basic|    Premium Ala Carte Items, Lodging Package Requesting
Our secure Reservation Forms allow your guests to purchase individual ala carte items (ie: box of chocolates, spa services, theatre tickets, etc) or special lodging packages.

This is a great way to up-sell items or promote special packages you may be offering.
Basic|    Premium Gift Certificate Order Form
Place a secure Gift Certificate Order form on your website allowing guests to purchase gift certificates from you online.

Colors & visual settings of this form can be customized to match your website.
Basic|    Premium Pay Per Click & Analytics Tracking
Track how many Availability Online reservation requests come from your online advertising. Simply insert code provided in your Pay Per Click account into your Availability Online Administration Center. Google Analytics or other tracking software can also be implemented to track your reservation form's performance.
Basic|    Premium Flexible Rate Displays
Display your nightly room rates on your availability calendar so your guests have all the information they need to request a reservation.

Choose to show detailed nightly rates that would also be used to give your guests a reservation total. Or choose a simpler method of showing a Monthly or Yearly rate range.
Basic|    Premium Show Bookings on Availability Calendar Instantly
An optional feature, innkeepers can choose to show the guest's requested room booked on the availability calendar immediately after submitting the reservation form.
Basic|    Premium Text Message, Pager & Fax Notifications
Busy innkeepers can't always sit in front of their computers waiting for new online reservations. Choose to be notified of new reservations via text message, pager and/or fax. A dedicated fax line is required for fax transmissions.

Faxes and text messages are not guaranteed with all makes/models of fax machines and phone carrier services.
Basic|    Premium Customized No-Vacancy Graphics
Give your availability display even more of that personal touch. Display a customized no-vacancy graphic on your availability calendar.
Basic|    Premium Reservation Total Calculations
Choose to show your guests the total cost of their reservation. Taxes, fees and other charges can also be added to the total given to your guests.
Basic|    Premium Events Display
Special Events or notices can be shown on your availability display page. Choose to show these events at all times, or only when certain dates are searched.

Events Display can be utilized within your calendar several different ways. Many use this feature to display special events in the area, announce special seasonal offers or lodging packages.
Basic|    Premium Monthly Policy, Disclaimer, Specials Display
Display policies, disclaimers, specials or any information that you would like to relay to your guests. Policy or special information is able to change with each month or remain the same throughout the year.
Basic|    Premium 1 or 2 Year Advance Display
Choose to post and display your room availability for one year, or two years in advance.
Basic|    Premium Calculate Taxes and Fees
Choose to calculate your taxes, cleaning fees or any other extra costs into your reservation subtotal. Your guests will know exactly how much their reservation costs.

Taxes and/or Fees can be applied to the entire reservation or to individual units.
Basic|    Premium Individual Room Availability Display
Show an entire availability calendar for a single room.

This options gives you all the same features as the full availability calendar, including room links, rate display, custom no-vacancy graphics, min. night stay display requirement, etc.

Individual room availability can also be shown using our Monthly Calendars.
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